“Dr. Deb changed my life. Working with her was one of the most important decisions I have made for my health, development and personal well-being. Her treatment approach is incredibly effective. She gave me the tools to manage my OCD, which had become debilitating. Her patience, kindness and positive attitude gave me the courage and confidence to challenge my OCD, anxiety and depression. She worked with me every step of the way until I reclaimed my life. I am amazed at what I am able to do after following her treatment plan. I am now able to handle my OCD when it arises and I apply the tools and techniques Dr. Deb taught me. I am deeply grateful for the freedom I now enjoy.

Thank you Dr. Deb.”


“Dr. Osgood-Hynes has helped me immensely over the years. She is an expert on anxiety and OCD and is very easy to talk to. After just one session with Dr. Deb you will know how passionate she is about helping her patients manage their OCD and anxiety. I am grateful for the cognitive behavioral skills she has taught me, and the sincerity she brings to every session. I have met with several therapists over the years.

She is the best.”


“I had been battling OCD on my own until I found Dr. Osgood-Hynes a few years ago while I was in college. I had seen a few therapists before with no success. Dr. Deb opened up her practice to me despite being full and I can honestly say she changed my life greatly. I instantly felt comfortable around her and she gave me not only the tools to fight my OCD, but confidence as well. She genuinely cares about her client’s well-being and does everything in her power to improve their quality of life. It’s no secret why she had a full practice in Massachusetts.

I will forever be grateful for Dr. Deb’s help.”


“Dr. Osgood-Hynes is a true humanitarian who is sincerely invested in her patient’s welfare. She is a rare find who has always been available in times of need. She helped my daughter who was suffering with severe OCD to find her innermost strength to navigate the illness. We will forever be indebted to her for being our beacon in the storm and for extending her most valuable insight, compassionate heart and

unwavering care to our daughter."


“I suffer from OCD and had seen many therapists and used lots of medication for years. When it got really bad about a year ago, I was desperate and began researching therapists who specialized in the area. That is how I found Dr. Osgood-Hynes. I can’t begin to explain how bad I was suffering and how much I wanted to be the person I was before all this. With the help of Dr. Deb, and the tools she gave me, I was able to find the strength to fight through the OCD. During this tough time in my life, the only place I ever felt safe was in Dr. Deb’s office. Almost a year later I feel so much better. I am living life, going out and doing things that a little less than a year ago were impossible. Not only did she give me techniques for my OCD and depression, she helped me understand who I am as a person. I no longer criticize myself and I tend to be more happy and upbeat. My friends and family have noticed the difference as well. I was almost unable to function, and now I am enjoying the things that make me happy. Most importantly, I am in control, not the OCD. I owe it all to Dr. Deb. I can’t ever give her enough credit or enough thanks.”


“Working with Dr. Deb has changed my life. She is the only psychologist who has the extensive knowledge to treat my OCD and anxiety issues. Dr. Deb’s approach to therapy with me included exposure and response prevention, cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy. She helped me manage my symptoms and reduce my rituals. She is a positive, hard-working, creative professional who develops strategies to reduce anxiety. Dr. Deb is exceptional. She is focused, dependable, optimistic and highly effective.”


“Dr. Deb is a very effective counselor. She is a good listener and reflects back with excellent advice. She quickly develops a keen understanding of the people that she helps. Her advice is sound and has helped me move forward confidently through life’s challenges for the past several years. With her tremendous skills as a counselor, she has helped me to create a very effective life compass. If you’re looking for someone who understands what people go through and has a high level of skill as a therapist, then Dr. Deb will be perfect for you. She will challenge you to do your best. She will give you sound advice to help you know you’re moving

in the right direction.”


“Seven years ago when my daughter was just seven years old we were told she suffered from OCD. Her OCD was terrible and debilitating. We learned of it when her fear of choking became so great that she stopped eating. I was so scared. Then she would think she had poison in her mouth anytime she saw chemicals. I feared something was seriously wrong with my beautiful baby girl. She could no longer enjoy life like a normal seven year old. After much research I found Dr. Deb. There were many other doctors and therapists but most did not get OCD. Dr. Deb helped not only my daughter but our entire family understand OCD. Dr. Deb taught my daughter tools she uses every day to manage her OCD. Now my daughter’s OCD is so much better than it was. OCD no longer rules her life or rules our family life. Without Dr. Deb I do not know where we would be. I am so grateful for her help and support. Dr. Deb helped my daughter take back her life. While medicine can be helpful, I feel the real treatment is the exposure therapy. There are so few therapists that truly understand OCD. Dr. Deb not only understands it but is able to

really help you and your family members.”


“Dr. Osgood-Hynes helped me learn new strategies to deal with my trichotillomania and my panic. I feel truly lucky to have worked with such a brilliant and compassionate doctor.”


“I appreciate your exceptional warmth, kindness, compassion, knowledge, and help during the years we have worked together. Not only have my OCD symptoms reduced, you’ve helped me improve my quality of life as well. You’ve helped me bring many ideas which were just dreams to reality, and also helped me accomplish things which were

beyond my wildest dreams. My heartfelt thanks.”


“I was a patient of Dr. Osgood-Hynes, seeing her every other week on a regular basis. I can’t say enough about what a wonderful therapist and human being she is. At the time I started to see her, I was suffering with severe obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, and depression caused by post-traumatic stress disorder. Not only did she help me overcome many of my struggles but she surpassed my expectations of what it means to be a ‘good therapist’ with her understanding, compassion and ability to truly listen. Furthermore, she has a genuine concern for others. In short, Dr. Osgood-Hynes is an extremely caring professional and

accomplished doctor. She is a true gem!"


“During my time spent with Dr. Osgood-Hynes I felt she truly understood me and was deeply compassionate regarding my struggles. She is a doctor who is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She was also very easy to talk to, supportive, reliable and has an ease about her that makes you feel things will work out. I always left our sessions feeling empowered to fight OCD! I highly recommend Dr. Osgood-Hynes.”


“Dr. Deb has worked with our son and our family to help him become the confident, humorous, and in-control young man he is today. He has tools and resources he can use in many situations to help him succeed. Shut-down mode is rarely an option. Dr. Deb also taught him to put himself out-there in social situations, to be the initiator,

and lead even when it can be uncomfortable.

Thanks Dr. Deb.”


“Dr. Osgood-Hynes is the best person to see when getting treated for OCD. She has years of experience and really cares about her patients. No other doctor has helped me to get better from my OCD symptoms than Dr. Osgood-Hynes."


“Dr. Deb is the most effective psychologist with whom I have worked. She provides her clients with a caring and trusting relationship in which they are able to share openly about their problems. Dr. Deb helped me identify my own behaviors that exasperated my problems. I learned from Dr. Deb there are other response options for me to use. These options provided me with positive behavioral tools I could use to improve my relationships. Thank you Dr. Deb for helping me improve my life by changing problematic relationships into positive relationships!”


“Dr. Osgood-Hynes is a very compassionate doctor. With my PTSD, I often feel deep emotion and pain. Her wisdom helps me grow inner strength. Her tools ease my unnecessary suffering. She understands my pain, my struggle, my frustration, with compassion and care. She makes me feel safe to open myself up and to let love in. She saved me. With her help I am awakening and my insecurities have subsided immensely. I have a positive attitude. I am blessed and lucky to have Dr. Osgood-Hynes to be my therapist.”


“After searching and meeting with several therapists over the course of many years, Dr. Osgood-Hynes came highly recommended to me. I was lucky enough to get an appointment. Dr. Osgood-Hynes helped me in so many areas of my life. I’ve struggled with OCD for over 35 years and I felt that she was the only therapist who truly understood what I was going through. She also helped me with many parenting issues and was extremely helpful and supportive during many difficult times in my life, including my separation/divorce. Dr. Osgood-Hynes is a kind, compassionate and trustworthy therapist who truly cares about her patients. I never felt rushed in her office. She always went above and beyond what is expected of a therapist. She was always helpful answering any questions and providing the support I needed, and always returned phone calls. She was willing to provide help, advice or resources in any way she could. Over the years, Dr. Osgood-Hynes has been a great therapist. I cannot say enough good things about her. I highly recommend anyone seeking a therapist to schedule an appointment with her and I am confident you will feel the same way.”


“I highly recommend Dr. Osgood-Hynes. She is caring, compassionate and truly cares about her patients. She will work with you to help you through your struggles whatever they may be. She is an

amazing person and doctor.”


“Thank you so much for all you have helped me with. I am nowhere near the anxious person I was before I started seeing you. You have helped me tremendously with my OCD. Your new patients will be very

lucky to have you.”


“Dr. Deb is simply the best! Whether it is with OCD help or help in other areas, she is kind and compassionate. I can talk with her about virtually anything and not be embarrassed.”


“All I can say is how truly blessed I am to have found you. You are so giving, non-judgmental, smart, the best in your field (an expert). OCD is not easy. It is comforting to know there is someone out there who truly understands me. You give without hesitation. Not many of the docs out there have that mindset. You give the extra mile.

You have helped me immensely.”


“I was a patient of Dr. Deb Osgood-Hynes. Dr. Deb is one of the best in the business. She has made a huge difference in my understanding and coping skills with obsessive compulsive disorder. I always felt better after my sessions. Following are some examples of my experience: listens 110% to your concerns and struggles, reassures you that you are not alone with your symptoms, reassures you that it is not your fault that you have this disorder, never ends a session with any loose ends, even if it means giving you a few extra minutes. And if it is a hardship getting to her office she will do a phone session. Last but not least she is totally

committed to her patients.”


“You have done so much for me. Thank you for helping me fight my OCD and for teaching me the skills to continue to fight even in highly stressful situations. I am more thankful than you will ever know. You helped me save my marriage and tremendously improve my family life.”


“I have been a patient of Dr. Osgood-Hynes at both the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Institute at McLean Hospital in Massachusetts, and as a patient in her private practice. She has a tremendous amount of experience in dealing with anxiety disorders and in the application of cognitive behavioral therapy. I highly recommend her without hesitation.”


“Dr. Osgood-Hynes is one of the top cognitive behavioral psychologists in the Boston area. It’s a great loss to have her relocate to NC, but our loss is their gain. I cannot recommend her enough for anyone seeking

help with anxiety, OCD or general life concerns.”